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Shoppers like to feast with their eyes, so online retailers know that their product imagery has to be high quality and informative if they want to see a good level of sales. (Have you seen a text-only online shop?). Making sure that an online store displays correctly on mobile devices is perhaps not as standard as it should be, but the benefits can be easily shown: global Internet usage is shifting to smartphones and away from the PC, so mobile devices give you more coverage, reaching more customers and leading to more sales.

When it comes to convincing online retailers to try a new technology on their online store, what is it that will make them adopt it? Compatibility, usability, portability - all the ity-s have their place but the key thing is: how much more will I sell with this technology? Or, to put it another way: retailers are looking for statistics, lots of juicy, hard, statistics showing increased conversion rates. 

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